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Poster for BAAM Presents The Coastal Maine Recordings with Dianne Ballon and “From Stump to Ship”

BAAM Presents The Coastal Maine Recordings with Dianne Ballon and “From Stump to Ship”

Midnight weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnight)!

Run Time: 105 min.

Join BAAM & The Gem for an artist talk by sound artist Dianne Ballon Thursday, November 3rd at 6:00 pm.

Through the sound work she has recorded and mixed over the past fellowship year, Dianne Ballon will introduce listeners to the beauty and richness of sound. She will share the stories behind the sounds, including the difficulties of field recording, recording the navigational buoys from the water, and the discovery of a “lost” sound.

Sound artist Dianne Ballon has been working in sound for over thirty-five years. She was awarded a Maine Artist Fellowship from the Maine Arts Commission. In lieu of returning to the Arctic where she has recorded sound, the award and the limitations from the pandemic gave her the opportunity to focus on her coastal sound series at home on the coast of Maine.

Of her coastal sound series, she writes, “The series includes my Boats Creaking at a Dock in Iceland, recorded in a tiny harbor in the northwestern fjords of Iceland. Each harbor has its own distinct sound. Rocked by the motion of water, the pull of the tide, and a variable touch of wind, the boats create a mesmerizing series of sounds. The sounds are introspective: both sharp and smooth, quiet and busy, rhythmic yet random and, achingly beautiful.”

Dianne’s talk will be followed by a showing of the 30-minute film “From Stump to Ship.” In 1929 Alfred Ames, the president of the Machias Lumber Company in Washington County, Maine, purchased a 16mm moving picture camera and with the help of a friend, Dr. Howard Kane, meticulously recorded the labor of woodsmen and horses.

Dianne has a personal connection to the film “From Stump to Ship.” In the 1980s, she worked at the Maine Folklife Center at UMaine. Her job was to transcribe word for word the audio interviews from the Machias River Project. Listening for hours on end to the stories from the river drivers who appear in the film.

For more info on Dianne’s sound work, visit Yankee Magazine’s summer issue:
And, visit her website:

6:00 pm The Coastal Maine Recordings by Dianne Ballon

7:00 pm Short break to grab food

7:15 pm Showing of the 28-minute film “From Stump to Ship”

This event is FREE. 

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