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1) What day and time are certain movies showing?

The Gem is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Near the top of the website page, you will see a bar with dates and a “Future Dates” button. You can click on a date to see what is playing on that date.

Our booker does not confirm movies for the next weekend until Monday afternoons. Then we need to get it up on the website. We usually have the coming weekend’s movies posted by Monday night or Tuesday morning. If you don’t see anything, that means we may be having trouble getting a movie confirmed. As soon as we are positive about our schedule, we post it. Thank you for your patience.

2) Will you be getting “X” movie in the near future?

Please click on the “Upcoming” tab at the top of our website. It will be up-to-date and have all movies and BAAM events that are confirmed as coming in the future.

3) Can you bring “X” movie to The Gem?

We have a wonderful film booker named Ken Eisen who is the founder of The Maine International Film Festival and Railroad Square Theater in Waterville (which is now the Maine Film Center). He has a lot of experience with booking the right films for the theaters he serves. He researches thoroughly, watches all the current films out there, plans out films for us weeks in advance and does a great job finding films that appeal to our community. Please know that any film we license is a financial commitment on our part of $200 to $500 and so we have to bring in enough people to cover that cost.

4) How does the Monday Night Pizza Special work? Can I get a ticket in advance? Because the Monday Night Special involves a ticket and food, you need to purchase it in person. Though Mondays can be busy, we have never sold out of tickets. If you don’t want the pizza/beer part of the deal, you may purchase an $8 Monday Night Movie Ticket online from our website. We do encourage you to come early before the 6pm show starts to get your pizza order in. It goes more smoothly if the pizzas get ordered between 5 and 6pm. Thank you!

5) Is The Gem an official UPS Drop-Off spot?

No, The Gem is not an official drop-off spot for packages, but the UPS driver comes by frequently. If you’d like to leave your package in the foyer, you may do so at your own risk. As long as it addressed properly for UPS, it will eventually be picked up. We are not responsible for the package, if it disappears. 


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