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Poster for BAAM at The Gem Presents The Gawler Sisters
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BAAM at The Gem Presents The Gawler Sisters

Coming on March 19

Midnight weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnight)!

Run Time: 75 min.

Join BAAM at The Gem Sunday, March 19th at 1:00 pm for a live performance from The Gawler Sisters.

The Gawlers Sisters are a fun-loving, folk-singing, fiddle-playing trio based in their native Maine.

On banjo, fiddle, and cello, Molly, Edith, and Elsie bring beautiful songs, tunes, and stories from their roots in the heart of Maine.

Their music feels cut directly from their homeland’s fields and forests, and though it is rooted in traditional “Downeast” music, years of curiosity and travels into the world beyond have influenced their sense of musicianship. Their extensive collection of rollicking tunes in the Scots-Irish, Franco-American and Scandinavian traditions is complemented by an angelic three-part harmony, gutsy work songs, folk-blues, and amusing odes to everyday life. This music is part of their heritage as the three sisters were taught to play and sing by their Mom (Ellen Gawler, fiddler, and singer) and Dad (John Gawler, banjo player, and songster.)

The Gawler’s unique arrangements are especially engaging and often go along with anecdotes of historical or humorous content, delivered in the stoic but friendly style of true New Englanders.

They are often joined by the rest of the family, their parents John and Ellen Gawler, Ethan Tischler, and Bennett Konesni to bring full-fledged, rip-roaring, sky-soaring tunes and songs to their performances.

With their infectious spirit and sparkling musicianship, the Gawlers have earned a beloved place in the delighted hearts of varied audiences across the Northeast. The folk music itself brings a sense of community and grassroots connection that is welcoming and from the heart.

Doors at 12:00 pm

Show at 1:00 pm

Tickets are “Pay What You Can” benefiting BAAM.


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