At The Gem, our mission is to build community, frame by frame. We program meaningful movies, free kids activities, arts and cultural events, and create a space for all to gather. The generosity of our membership makes The Gem possible. To continue serving the community with unique programming, we are looking for 250 people to join our membership for 2021.

Supporting Member Rewards:

  • $2 off General Admission Ticket
  • $1 off popcorn
  • Discounts to special events
  • Cost—$50 per individual or $150 per family (parents + kids 12 and under)

Cinema Club Member Rewards:

  • Free admission to all regular scheduled movies
  • Free small popcorn every visit
  • Discounts to special events
  • Cost—$300 per individual or $500 you + a friend

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Thank you to our 2021 Members for keeping our programming diverse & vibrant!

2021 Cinema Club Members:

Anonymous, Laura Allen-Tummon & Richard Tummon, Nancy Babcock & David Walker, Julie Balaban, Barker Mountain Bikes, Kelly Blaszczak, Gary Buker, Pam Burch, Gloria P. Davis, Nancy & Mac Davis, Beth Dobson, Paul Driscoll, Loraine & Paul Duclos, Nancy Eaton, Nicholette Erickson, Elizabeth & David Falconer, Geri Fitzgerald & Paul Hogan, George Fox, Linda & Buzz Gamble, Katie & Phil Getchell, Meika Hashimoto, Stephanie Herbeck, Holidae House B & B, Stephen Hull, Leslie Jones, William Jones, Ian Kirschemann, Sue & Bill Lowe, MacGregor Family, Mary McFadden, Jeff Newsom, Kevin O’Reilly, Colin Penley, Kristen & Tony Giambro, Wendy & Dick Penley, Fran Philip, Bruce S. Pierce, Victor Salvo, Hope & Paul Schroy, The Southam Family, Rebecca & Pete Spellios, Larry Stifler, Janet Stowell, Roberta Taylor, Saranne Taylor, William Ullman, Daniel van Buren, The Vigneaux Family, Peggy & Steve Wight, Robin Zinchuk, Lynne Zucchi

2021 Supporting Members:

The Adler-Kangas Family, Jason Ahearn & Jeff L’Heureux, Andee & Doug Alford, The Anderson Family, Julie Balaban, The Barber Family, Diane Barras, Susan Barras, Anne & Doug Bate, Shari Berman, The Bixby Family, Tim Borchardt, Kathi Burke, Mary & Thomas Burke, Elisabeth Cail, Rena & Matt Caron, Carlie Casey & Charleen Chase, Mary & Alex Castoldi, Jane & Jim Chandler, Amy Chapman, The Chase Family, Pamela Chodosh, The Cifric Family, Chamberlin-Strugatskiy Family, Renee Charette, Michele & Scott Cole, Allan Crane, Mary Crane, Robyn Crane, Kimberly Crichton, Ellen & Stuart Crocker, The Crooker Family, Deborah Crump, The Davis Family, The Davis-Nicholson Family, JoAnn Davis, Karen Delorey, Ed Easter, Emily Ecker, The Eichelberger Family, Bob Elliott, Ray Geiger, Claire Gélinas, Donna Gillis, Wendy Green, Stephen Greene, Jane Goddard & Family, Stephen Goeben, Pat Grant, Lauren & Paul Grogan, Ryann Hamilton, Michael Haney, Patricia Harris, The Hayes-Greenberg Family, Emile Hallez, Maria Holloway, The Horsley- Taberman Family, Sue Howe, Lee & Woody Hughes, The Hull Family, Kara & Jason Hunter, Allidah & Robert Iles, Ani Inman, Gary Inman, Teddi Jacobs, Tanya Johanson, Catherine Johnson,  Matt Kahn, Lisa Kavanaugh, Martha Kelley, Susan King, Rosemary & John Laban, The Laban-Wade Family, Lisa Kavanaugh, Amy Lawrence, The LeConey Family, Evelyn Lennon, Michael Levey, Pamela & Errol Libby, Libby-Bean Family, The Louison Family, The Luce Family, The Luetje Family, The Mason Family, Linda McDonough, Rosemary McLean, Elizabeth Meadows, The Mitchell Family, The Moody Family, The Mullins Family, Polly & David Newcomb, Cathy Newell, Carol, Nichols, Jennie-Mae & Asher Nisbet, Susan & Scott Parker, Lizz & Andy Peacock, The Percival Family, The Pereira Family, Jessie Perkins, Marcel Polak, The Pollino Family, Bonnie Pooley, Mia Purcell, Meg Rajala, Katherine & James Reddoch, The Reece-Williams Family, Liz & Skip Repetto, Mary Alice Rippe, Juan Rivera, Lesley Rowse, Lois & Ken Ruff, Barbara Russell, Marilyn Sahlberg, Antje & Hans Peter Schaeffer, Marilyn Scheerbaum, Bill Schuellein, Amy Scott, Ryan Scuzzarella, Claire Sessions, The Shepherd Family, Alison Smith, Ann Speth & Roger Smith, Mary & Captain Bill Smith, Roland Smith, Cheryl Stearns, The Stearns Family, Anna Sysko, Debra Taylor, Theriault Family, Laura Turenne, Valerie Uber & Taylor Thomson, Linda & Eric Uhl, Sarah Vedella, The Vogt-Brooks Family, Thomas Walsh, Don Weafer, Sarah Weafer, Maryvonne Wheeler, Cheryl & Ted White, Debbie Wight, Rosemary Wiser, Patricia Woodlock, Wendy Youmans

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