Thanks to our 2018 Members for keeping our programing diverse & vibrant!


NEW | 2018 Cinema Club Members:

Beth Allen, Bill Allen, Kris and Gretchen Anderson, Gary Buker, Amy Call, Gloria P. Davis, Eric Davis, Jay Davis, Nancy Eaton and Kevin O’Reilly, Niki Erickson, Linda and Buzz Gamble, Bernadette Geis, Amy Halsted, Stephanie Herbeck and Dan Van Buren, Holidae House B&B,  Leslie Jones and Ian Kirschemann, Marion Laroche, Susan and Bill Lowe, Norman A. Milliard and Peter J. Musso, Jeff Newsom, Kristen Seib, Becky Secrest, Southam Family, Janet E. Stowell, Saranne Taylor, Carole and Ross Timberlake, Katherine Upchurch, Paula Dan and Travis Wheeler, Paula Weisberger, Steve and Peggy Wight, YOPP Skis, Bob Isles, Lida Isles


NEW | 2018 Supporting Members:

Lucy Abbott, Helen Adessa, Jason Ahearn, Deborah Andrews, Andee Alford, Douglas Alford, Alison Aloisio, Dawn Anderson, Stuart Arche, Nancy Babcock, Julie Balaban, Fred Bailey, Fred Baney, Jan Barker, Barbra Barrett, Nancy Barstow, Brendon Bass, Jean Bass, Libby Bean & Family, Don Berry, Jane Bolinger, Melody Bonnema, Garret Bonnema, Timothy Borchardt, Eric Borrin, Kathi Burke, Tom Burke, Mary Burke, Carolyn Campot, Jeff Candura & Family, Carlie Casey, Katie Casey, Jane Chandler, Catherine Chamberlin, Amy Chapman, Charleen Chase, Pamela Chodosh, Allan Crane, Mary Crane, Jackie Cressy, Kimberly Crichton, Ellen Crocker, Stuart Crocker, Deborah Crump, Sarah Demer, Loriane Duclos, Paul Duclos, Sue Dunn, Patrick & Sonya Dillon and Family, Elaine Dresser, Bernard Fishman & Family, Betsey Foster, Courtney Gandee, Claire Gélinas, Donna & John Gilly, Robert Gips, Mary Ann Griffith, Karen Grimmett, Tom Grimmett, Julie Hart & Family, Patricia Harris, Al Hill, Woody and Lee Hughes, Beth Jefferson, Tim LaConey & Family, Lynn Lamontagne and Family, Scott Large, Tony Lawless, Michael Levey, Deborah Lewis, Henrietta List, Jim List, Lauren Louison, Pepe Lopez & Family, Megan Luce, Lindsay Luetje, Kelly Lyons, Bess Mahoney, Polly Mahoney,  Deborah Maines, Janice Marks, Jurgen Marks, Melissa McDougald, Rosemary & Jim McLean,Rhoda Greenspan Melnick, Martin Monaghan & Family, Barbara Murphy, Mike Murphy, Claude Muff, Cathy Newell, Joanna and Tom Obear, Christina Oddleifson, Tineke Ouwinga, Gabe Perkins, Jessie Perkins, Bruce Pierce, Suzanne Pierce, Candy P., Jill Powers, Amelia Purcell, Helene Rayborn, Kate Rideout, Mary Alice Rippe, Barb Robinson, Irving Robinson, Alan Rothberg, Marilyn Scheerbaum, Barbara Schneider, Bill Schuellein, John Shaw, Alison Smith, Captain Bill Smith, Mary Smith, David Stearns, Nancy Stearns, Sharon Stearns, Sara Stockwell, Bill Stockwell, Janet E. Stowell, Linda Stowell, Alex Strugatskiy, Anders & Melanie Tornberg, Sunflower Farm of Bethel, David Walker, Sarah Weafer, Pamela Wegge, Debbie Wight, Wendy Youmans, Madeolynne Zimmerman, Lynne Zucchi

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At The Gem, our mission is to build community, frame by frame. We program meaningful movies, free kids activities, arts and culture events, and create a space for all to gather. The generosity of our membership makes The Gem possible. To continue serving the community with unique programming, we are looking for 250 people to join our membership for 2018.

Supporting Member Rewards:

  • Attend free monthly movies + events
  • Discounts to special events
  • $1 off popcorn all the time
  • NEW | Annual member appreciation party!
  • Cost—$50 per individual or $150 per family (parents + kids 12 and under)

Cinema Club Member Rewards:

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  • Free small popcorn every visit
  • NEW | Invitations to sneak previews!
  • Cost—$300 per individual or $500 you + a friend

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